Monday, November 02, 2009

1835 Photograph on Display

I've repeatedly written that photography begins in 1839 with Louis Mande Daguerre's shiny metal photograph called the daguerreotype and William Fox Talbot's paper images. However, that isn't one hundred percent true. These two men produced commercially successful processes, but before that there were men who experimented with chemicals, light and materials to produce images. The Hans P. Kraus Jr. Fine Photographs Gallery at 962 Park Ave., in New York has a new show. Silver Anniversary: 25 Photographs, 1835-1914 features one of the earliest paper photographs, "Tripod in the Cloisters of Lacock Abbey" by Talbot. It's a very delicate image and usually is in storage. If you'd like to see it visit the Kraus Gallery before November 20th. Along with the news I usually feature in this space, I'll introduce some of the earliest photographic inventions and inventors. Stay tuned! Bookmark and Share


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