Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend at the Museum: Halloween Fun

Here's a double-treat for Halloween weekend. First have you viewed the Halloween Costume Clues in my new video on Vimeo. It'll make you relive your own trick or treat memories. One year I went as a Crayola crayon in a handmade costume. It was a big hit at the neighborhood party, but it had one small problem. I couldn't sit down in it! For our museum visit this week, check out the Castle Halloween Museum. It's run by none other than the Halloween Queen. Located in Benwood, West Virginia this museum features 250 years of Halloween history and more than 35,000 artifacts. Take the online tour. It's spooky fun. If you really love Halloween you might want to subscribe to the Trick or Treat Trader, their newsletter. Bookmark and Share


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