Friday, May 22, 2009

Queries and Answers: Prints from Slides

T.J. emailed me to ask, "Where can I have prints made from slides?" It's one of those modern picture problems. Just about every family has boxes and carousel's full of slides. Now that slide projectors are difficult to find, what a family to do with all those slides?
  • You can scan them yourself if you own a scanner with a slide attachment. Scan at a high resolution (at least 600 dpi) and save as tif files. That's an uncompressed format.
  • You can pay someone to scan all your slides at once. ScanDigital offers a reasonable price for scanning slides and other photographic medium. There customer interface on their website is very easy to follow. What I really like about this company is the follow through. You end up with all your images on a website so you can share the link with family. Instead of having to coordinate who wants what print, they can select images from the site then order reprints through ScanDigital's printing partner, Qoop. It's an effortless process!


roll1959 said...

I just went to a Walgreens that has a Photo section, and they did them for me. You can check the price, but it was reasonable. They give you a photo CD to keep them on.
Walgreens has a photo program now that they use.

VacaGrammy said...

I have (in the past) taken slides to a local photo processing store and had prints made from them. Just check locally to see if you cand have your slides printed!

macanxiety said...

I had over 43 carousel's of color slides from the 1950's up to 1980's. I used a MicroTek scanner, with a lighted top lid and scan them at 2,000 DPI and saved them as TIFF. You should go through and edit your slides before you start scanning, this will save you considerable time.

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