Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trends in Gift Giving

VoiceQuilt, a company that create unique keepsake gifts personalized with a lasting collection of voice message and memories that commemorate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions, recently surveyed women's gift giving habits in this economy. According to Hope Flamer, Chief Executive Officer and founder of VoiceQuilt, "Instead of giving fewer gifts as one might expect, women are presenting the same quantity of gifts as in precious years, but are focusing on personal, sentimental and unique gifts rather than extravagance." For centuries women have worked together to create hand sewn quilts but imagine having a quilt talk to you about the story behind the creation. That's what VoiceQuilt is all about. "Especially during difficult times, women search for unique and sentimental gifts that strengthen ties with family and friends," said Flammer. "A group gift supports those connections while enabling women to reduce their spending." To create a voicequilt is so easy. All you do is pick a keepsake box and have folks call the toll-free number you give them. All that's left is to talk into the phone. VoiceQuilt will package the voice for you. A couple of years ago I created one for my parent's. When they opened the lid and heard all of us wishing them well they cried! It's a powerful gift. Try one today. There is a special offer available on their website.


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