Thursday, March 17, 2016

More New Products at RootsTech: ShotBox

At RootsTech 2015, a company called ShotBox debuted a prototype of a portable photo studio.  At the time they were in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to make their dream a reality. Of course, once I saw what they were up to I ran right over and introduced myself.  I asked if we could test their product using a daguerreotype.  Those shiny reflective images are very difficult to photograph (as are all images with glass).  Lots of pesky reflections find their way into your images of them.

We took a picture of one using the ShotBox and an iPhone.  No special cameras, no super hot studio lights. It was perfect.

This year they were back.  The product is a huge success. Everywhere I looked this year folks were carrying a ShotBox.

They really are portable. Each ShotBox folds up for easy carrying and you can purchase a tote for it as well.

So what can you use a ShotBox for:
  • to photograph cased images
  • to take pictures of anything framed or those curved glass images
  • small family artifacts like jewelry, glassware and silverware
  • family history documents
 There are items that don't photograph or scan well but using a portable photo studio that sits on a counter top or a table is the perfect solution.  You can buy one from ShotBox for 20% off using the code SOCIAL20. The basic kit sells for $129.00 but a better value is the $199. deluxe kit that comes with the Tote, backdrops and the side shot to help maneuver the phone.

Let me know what you want to ShotBox.  Send me an email.

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