Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

It's not a great photo.  Some of the folks moved and blurred the shot. The left and right sides are over exposed by the flash.  It's on cheap gray card stock. Despite all the shortcomings of this image it was likely treasured by the family.
Wedding circa 1902

There are so many great details in this image.
  • A grass mat covers the floor.
  • The two women on the left wear ethnic style vests.
  • Everyone is solemn except the guy on the right. He's smiling. 
  • The bride's head piece entwined by vines is very interesting.
  • Is that the maid of honor and the best man seated in front?  It appears so. She holds a pair of gloves while he holds a cigar.
  • The group is so large it exceeds the edges of the backdrop and a piece of studio equipment is visible on the right. 
  • The odd framing of the picture in that irregular shape is odd. 
Here's close-ups of these items plus a few more.
 The maid of honors dress helps date the photo. The silhouette of her dress is the typical s-curve of the early years of the twentieth century. Billowy front with a narrow waist and a full skirt. Her corset would have emphasized the curve.

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