Sunday, April 06, 2014

Thank you to the Maine Genealogical Society and the Maine Historical Society

A great big thank you to everyone who attended yesterday's Maine Genealogical Society Spring Conference held in Augusta. I have a new appreciation for that part of the state.  It was my first trip to the state capitol and I hope to get back there at some point. The Maine Historical Society was a co-sponsor of the day.

I spent Friday at an antique mall and picked up a few stereographs for future projects.  Here's a homemade one.
These folks were clowning for the camera--drinking and dozing.  It's from the late 1890s.  Don't you love the portrait on the wall?  This was on the back of a image of snowy owls.  The family photographer re-purposed a purchase stereo card.

Dinner at The Senator with MGC Board members was outstanding. Good food and great company.  I have a lot of food allergies so it's always a bonus when a restaurant has a dessert that's wheat, dairy and nut-free. Take a look at this!
It was a good as it looks. Raspberry sorbet in a meringue shell. 

Saturday's weather started out cloudy and rainy, but the atmosphere at the Elks Club was cheery. There was no confusion about where the event was going to be held.  This sign was on the main road.

The four lectures of the day were: Photo Detecting 101 (with a special emphasis on Civil War images), Photo Preservation, The Last Muster, and Hairsteria/Mad as a Hatter.   The hats and hair lecture kept everyone laughing after lunch.

Thank you again!  Can't wait to go back to Maine.  It was a very relaxing train ride from Boston.

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