Saturday, March 01, 2014

Weekend at the Museum: Maine in the Civil War

The Maine Memory Network is a collaborative venture between the Maine Historical Society and other smaller historical societies in the state.  I don't have Maine ancestry, yet I've subscribed to their newsletter several years ago.  It arrives in my email inbox and I immediately open it.  Why?  The editors always feature a great photo from a collection. It's not just pretty to look at. Each issue delivers quality content and interesting tidbits on Maine history. 

One of the things that the Maine Memory Network does is present online versions of exhibits being held at the Maine Historical Society. Even if you don't have connections to New England's largest state, you'll enjoy browsing their current exhibit:  This Rebellion: Maine and the Civil War

It's just like viewing an exhibit. There is the introductory panel followed by focused displays.  You can see enlistment posters, look at the photographic portraits of soldiers and read their stories, learn about medical care during the war or musicians who served. 

When you click on a heading such as Prisoners; Medicine you'll see a screen like this
Select either slideshow view or list view.  You'll see a medium size photo and an exhibit label.  To enlarge the photo and information click the info link in the photo caption.

While you're on the site, check out some of their other exhibits and sign up for their e-connection newsletter.   The sign-up is on the left side of the screen.

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