Sunday, February 02, 2014

Restoring Treasures to Family

Just as the movie The Monuments Men is about to open there is a great story on one reporter's efforts to reconnect Jewish families and other with fine art taken from relatives during World War II. Doreen Carvajal wrote "Loot No Longer."  She claims to be only an amateur genealogist but her skills as a reporter are the same ones we use everyday.  Gilad Japhet, chief executive of guides the reporter through some difficult searches.  As he says, "All you need is a lot of curiosity, a little bit of intellect, and some luck."   Isn't that true!

Read Carvajal's real-life detective story and Tom Mashberg's "Not All Monuments Men Were Men" before you go to see the movie.

You can also support the efforts of real life Monuments Men.
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