Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Children's Book Influenced Your Life? Your Responses

Theresa Berghoff wrote that A White Bird Flying by Bess Streeter Aldridge gave her an understanding of aging and death. It was a sequel to Aldridge's A Lantern in Her Hand.

Rose Marie Morrell of A Lifetime Remembered, LLC said that Winged Moccasins by Frances Farnsworth (out of print), a story about Sacajawea was influential. "After reading the book (on Christmas Day) when I was eight, I decided that I wanted to know the story behind the person who was a name on a page. Thus came my love of preserving personal histories to share each individual's unique life stories and celebrate their lives."

Janelle Walker Warden told me that her favorite children's book  was Josea Areugo's Leo The Late Bloomer.

For Gayle Waite, it was Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. She wrote, "I was 4 when we got our first horse, Redwing."

With the exception of Winged Moccasins, the books mentioned are available on 

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