Friday, September 11, 2009

Queries and Answers: Photo Processing Problems

Stephanie asked a simple question: After a family reunion, I took several rolls of film to Walgreens to be developed. When I went back to pick them up, they couldn't find them, even though I had a stub with the tracking number on it. I went back several days in a row and ended up writing letters to Walgreen, but never retrieved prints or negatives or anything. The lesson I learned of course was never leave film for overnight processing. What do those photo processing companies do with unidentified photos? I've tried to obtain an answer to her query by contacting Walgreens. Both times I was told by customer service that a representative would call me within two days. No call either time. I'm not giving up. Bookmark and Share


wendy said...

Maureen (& Stephanie) - had this same issue at Walmart. Except instead of overnight it was 2-3 day turn around - because I wanted a picture CD too. I had 3 rolls of film from a very important concert & only got 2 back. 5 months later Walmart called & said it had finally come in! I'm glad I waited instead of getting the "free roll of film" to make up for my lost pictures! Keep calling the store, writing letters, etc. My story had a good ending - most don't tho. Good luck!

dancer said...

I used to hold my breath every time I left film for processing. Now that I'm taking digital photos, they get uploaded to my computer as well as the Snapfish site. If for some reason the prints/CD don't come in, all is not lost. I'll be interested to see if Walgreens ever responds to the query!

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