Monday, August 24, 2009

Looking for Pictures: Check Out Historical Society Publications

A couple of months ago I visited the Indiana Historical Society and created a short video of their Destination Indiana project. You can view it on my YouTube Channel. As I was leaving members of the staff handed me a small packet of their publications. On the cover of Connections, The Hoosier Genealogist (Fall/Winter 2008)was a group portrait of men at a furniture-making company in Spiceland, Indiana, ca. 1900. Inside there were more pictures and excerpts from manuscripts. Each issue is a great resource for individuals looking for images of their family or of papers relating to them. The same was true for Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History (Winter 2008). Each article was richly illustrated. If you're trying to locate material on your family, try both the local historical society and the state facility for the area in which they lived. If multiple generations resided in a particular location, I strongly suggest subscribing to publications for those organizations. They are a wonderful resource. Plus, your membership/subscription helps support those groups. Bookmark and Share


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