Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Books--Inkubook

As a picture person I'm completely in love with those do-it-yourself photo books. I can't think of a nicer gift. There are plenty of sites that let you create personalized picture books, but there is another one I just found out about. It's called Inkubook. Like it's competitors it's a web-based program with easy-to-use layouts, and text and photo editing tools. They also offer collaboration tools that enable you to invite friends and family to contribute additional photos and text. I get goose bumps thinking about all the great family history applications for that sharing feature. Softcover books start at $13.95 and hardcovers at $24.95. A variety of sizes are available from 7 x 5 inch landscapes to 11 x 11 inch square format. All books are produced using archival quality 100 lb weight silk paper. Bookmark and Share


Paul Taylor said...

Hi Maureen,

Do you think this is the best product on the market ? We are looking for a partner to provide this kind of thing as a service through our site. I'd love to get your expert oppinion there.

Jane said...

Thank you for the recommendation and thank you for your blog. We spend a lot of time restoring photographs using Photoshop in our video biography business. The amount of information that you uncover when you really look at a photograph (as you do when you restore) is amazing - as you know! I have sometimes thought that a nice adjunct to the finished (video) product might be to print a book of the better photographs - I am definitely going to check out Inkubook.

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