Thursday, November 13, 2008

Personality in a Picture

I just love a picture with personality! This woman wears a velvet cape and a dark colored feather boa. Both would be perfect for going out in the 1890s. The hat on her head really stands out because it's suitable for sportswear. This c. 1897 accessory doesn't match the rest of her attire. Did the photographer dress her up or did she go to the studio that way. In either case, it's a lovely picture. Too bad the owner, Ann Short, doesn't know who this is. She thinks she's either a member of the Childs, Brewer, Easter, Simpson, Duncan or Wigginton family who lived in the southeastern U.S. If anyone recognizes her, send me an email at Ann would appreciate it.


Robert Baca said...

Tag, your it. I've tagged you for a meme called "8 things I bet you didn't know". Check it out on my blog at

If you decide to participate in this meme, read the rules at the end of my blog post, post an article on your own page, and then "tag" eight other bloggers.

Terri said...

I'll bet this gal was a real character - she just looks like she didn't take any guff from anyone! She almost looks Indian with the high cheek bones - Awesome picture - it would be great to see it restored...

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