Friday, October 31, 2008

Living Statues are Nothing New

While I sat at the car dealership waiting for my car to be repaired I saw Martha Stewart's Halloween Show. It was a fantastic assortment of holiday crafts, food and costumes. The show featured Martha as Medusa with living statues in the background. The comedian Serge Dulac was on. It was wonderful to see his collection called the Imaginum. But the moment I saw it I thought, oh no, I've seen something like it before. Somewhere in my collection of images is a portrait of a woman wearing white clothes and makeup looking like a statue. It dates from the 1880s. I'm going to dig around and see if I can find it. It's missing in my digital archive, so I'm wondering where it is. When I find it..Well you be the judge. It's an example of how history repeats itself. Happy Halloween!


Ruth Ann said...

A few years ago we traveled in Italy with our then-teenage daughter. Outside the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, several people were being statues--yes, in whiteface and white clothes: David, Cleopatra, and Dante, among others. As we walked past, Dante beckoned to my daughter, and we now own a rather unusual photo of this little redhead with Dante's arm around her. Perhaps some photo detective will someday wonder what the heck was going on there!

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