Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Throw Out Your Photos! OMG

I just can't believe it. An article titled Feng Shui Your Photos in the Imperial Valley (CA) News, advises folks to scan all their pictures and discard them. The scanning message is basically sound advice, but only if the author had included a few tidbits about scanning formats and resolution. You should scan images as 600 dpi color tiff's at 100% scale at a minimum. I can't imagine readers actually throwing out their precious pictures because digital files are permanent. OMG as my teenagers would say. Then again, maybe a few folks will heed that guidance. Several years ago an attendee at one of my lectures stood up and proudly proclaimed that she'd saved all her pictures to CD and tossed all the pictorial clutter in her house. Her advice left me speechless. I don't know about you, but it's articles like the one mentioned here that gives me nightmares. Unidentified photos are enough of a challenge but there is no way to resurrect those that have gone to trash heaps.


Cubby said...

I have consulted Maureen's work precisely because I was thinking of scanning many of my photographs, and throwing them out. Her first advice is "Do not.".

I would like to suggest that, perhaps, some photographs are not that valuable, but valuable enough to keep somehow. Perhaps the jpg or tiff is the proper way to hold on to many miscellaneous but potentially entertaining photographs.

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