Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pictures of the Old Homestead: Nothing New

An article in the Arizona Republic talks about a new photo trend amongst the rich--hiring a professional photographer to take a picture of their homes. I hate to disagree, but this isn't a new idea. Our ancestors having been posing in front of their houses for generations! Here's an anonymous example from my collection.

Have you ever taken a family picture using your place of residence as a backdrop? I love comments so join in a discussion.


MaryB said...

This post made me chuckle. I recently scanned all the photos I could find taken on the porch steps of the home we grew up in. I have not even scratched the surface and have 43 photos between 1969 (the year after we moved in) and 1996 (the year after my father died). Once I get my six sibs on broad with contributing I should have quite the photo timeline.

J.R. Johnson said...

My Aunt always gets a "family on the front porch steps" picture when she visits--sometimes it's just us and the kids, sometimes my parents are here, too. It's also the traditional spot for "first day of school" pictures; standing next to the pedestal shows yearly growth.

Marilyn Bohn said...

I have old family photos in front of places we have lived. It is so much fun to look back. I also try to get a photo of the cars we own at the time in the photos.
I have 5 daughters and when they started their own homes I encouraged them to make a photo book of the homes where they live. I wish I had photos of all the houses and apartments we have had. It would be fun to do a then and now book.

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