Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The IM Generation and Family Photos

Pam Houghton's, March of the Family Photos in the Christian Science Monitor online left a lasting impression on me. She talks about how one afternoon her 14 year old daughter began looking at family photos. The end result--Houghton organized all her tubs of pictures into 8 photo albums. I just hope she didn't use magnetic albums. Those nasty sticky pages do a lot of damage to photos over the years. Stick with acid free and lignin free albums. Read the labels to see if the album manufacturer specifies the materials in their produce including a mention of non-pvc plastic overlaps. Trust me. Look for the good stuff. It's out there. I've found quality albums in stationary stores and specialty scrapbook stores like Archivers. I too have teenagers. They like looking at the photographs in our family albums when they take a moment to stop all the electronic distractions. When a school project requires a family photo they know where to find them.


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