Friday, June 13, 2008

Face Book Fun

At the National Genealogical Society meeting in Kansas City last month, I had a chance to chat with Matt Wright of He told me about a genealogy application on Face Book called We're Related. I have teens so I know all about Face Book (or so I thought) and was a bit skeptical of genealogy on the site. This week while editing an article for a future issue of Family Tree Magazine, I thought about social networking and family history. A quick call to Matt convinced me that I had to try Face Book for myself. O.k. Now I'm hooked (seriously!). There are a lot of genealogists with their own pages and I'm having a great time seeing online friendship groups. Haven't had time to add to We're Related yet, but I've been able to send some good karma to colleagues and send some messages. I'm convinced this is a good way to build a family history research network as well. Message boards are still useful, but Face Book and other social networking solutions seem to be the future. Oh yeah! Just sign up and watch your kids reaction when you say you're on Face Book. It was a hilarious moment at my house. Anyone want to comment? Do so in the comment field below. I've turned on the comment field for the blog. Love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Hey here is an other Fun application on Facebook called Talking Photos This application is really fun bcoz it allows us to add movie lines and voice to any Facebook photo and share it with friends. Sure your pictures are already worth a 1000 words but adding a few more couldn't hurt.

Shelina said...

My daughter was terrified when she found out I was on facebook. She would be afraid I would find her site and find out all sorts of things about her.

I haven't tried their family tree information, but am opting to go on to add the tree. It's like facebook, and it has a lot of nice features - you can upload your gedcom.

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