Monday, August 27, 2007

The Sites are Ready!!

Thanks to the creative genius of Heather Devaun all three of my websites now have a new look. Susan Wenner Jackson who co-authors the blog, Working Mothers Against Guilt, wrote the copy. I added special features to each one. On Photo you can upload a photo to receive an estimate for analysis, ask any photo related question or test your knowledge of photo history. Maureen now has a press room and a page on my stints as a spokesperson for products like Picasa and There is also a link to my current book project on the Revolutionary War generation. The last website is called Family History Kids. After years of presenting workshops on genealogy for kids I decided it was time to pull together some of the things I've done on the topic. Take a look at my recommended resources page for books and materials suitable for the junior genealogists in your household. Please let me know what you think! Send me an email at
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